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How to create Affiliate Widgets

Last updated:
March 6, 2024

After you have created your Recast Publish account, you can become an affiliate of other Recast publishers. Please contact us at if you’d like to become an Affiliate of another channel.

Creating Widgets

Widgets with selected content

1. As an Affiliate, you can now create widgets containing content from Publishers. Head to the widget page in Recast Publish and select ‘Add New’.

2. Give the widget a name and select the option ‘Content from other channels’. You can also give the widget some header text which will be visible on the created widget.

3. Select one (or multiple) channels whose content you’d like to include on your widget.

4. You can now choose to create the widget from either on-demand or live content from the selected channel(s). And if you want to be more precise in the content you are selecting you can specify certain videos or categories of videos.

5. You can now theme the widget to suit the colours and content of your brand

6. Preview your widget and copy the iFrame code, ready for use on your website

Full channel Widget

  1. Instead of selecting specific videos from a channel (as above), you can instead create a widget containing all the content of a channel. This includes the channel’s logo, trailer, Channel Passes and all the content as they have chosen to arrange it but limits your ability to only choose certain pieces of content.

2. You can still theme the widget as you’d like, then create the embed code to copy onto your website

Earning from Affiliate Widgets

When a user purchases third-party content via a widget you have created, you will earn a percentage of the purchase. This percentage is determined by the publisher when they price their content and set their share percentage.