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How to live stream

Last updated:
April 4, 2024

Scheduling your stream

1. Click the ‘New Video’ button from the toolbar

Scheduling your stream

2. Click on Schedule a Live Event

Please note: If this option is not available you can contact to enable it on your channel.

3. You will need to add a title, description, category and price for your event. For more details on content fields see “How to upload your content”.

4. For live events, you must provide a thumbnail image. This will be visible to fans on the ‘Live’ tab of the Recast fan site. The ‘Live’ tab shows upcoming live streams, so an eye-catching image will help attract viewers. You can also upload a trailer for your event of up to 30 seconds.

5. When setting up an event, you can either choose to go live immediately or schedule your event for a later date.

Geo-blocking by country

You can select which countries you want your content to be available in when scheduling an event. This can then be edited at any time, e.g. if you require temporary geo-blocking for broadcast deals already in place.

You can find an up-to-date list of the countries Recast is currently available here . You can also create a default list of countries you want your content to be available in, so you don’t have to select countries every time you set up an event.

DRM (Digital Rights Management)

For more information on Digital Rights Management see here.

Managing your stream

Assigning Steam Keys to Live Events

Assigning Stream Keys to Live Events

Stream Keys can be assigned to Live Events at any time prior to the start time of the live event. The stream can be previewed up to 3 hours before the live event starts.

To manage your scheduled live event and start streaming:

  • Click on the Live Event Tab
Assigning Steam Keys to Live Events
  • Click on Start Streaming

The Stream Setup page shows the RTMP Stream URL, allowing you to change the Stream Key (if you have more than one) or choose to use your own URL to stream.

Once you have selected the Stream Key you intend to use, you can either ‘save & exit’ until you are ready to go live or if you plan on going live within the next 3 hours select ‘Setup Stream’.

Your stream will then be set up and connected. Once you have connected the stream from your 3rd party software you will not be able to update the stream key.

Please note: It may take up to 30 seconds for the preview to come through.

Starting your Stream

Once you have seen the preview you can click ‘Go live’ when you are ready to start the stream. The stream will then go live immediately on your channel.

Starting your Stream

Auto Start Stream

You can now also set your stream to go live automatically simply by toggling on the Auto Start feature. Set up your stream using the above steps then, once you are happy with how things look, you can set the stream to go live automatically at the scheduled start time of the event.

Please note: You can only enable this earlier than 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.

Managing Stream during broadcast

Once the stream is live, you can close the event page and return to it at any time in the ‘Live Events’ tab in Recast Publish. Click ‘manage streaming’ to return to where you were, or if you just want to view the stream itself, choose ‘view’. You can then view it as an admin in Recast Publish or via the fan site.

Managing Stream during broadcast

Starting a previously scheduled live stream

Live streams scheduled for a future date/time can be accessed via the ‘Upcoming’ tab in the ‘Live Events’ section. ‘Start streaming’ will take you to the stream page to start the stream. The scheduled time/date and thumbnail can be changed via the ‘edit’ function.

Ending your stream

To end your stream, go to the ‘Live Events’ section of your publisher page, click ‘Manage Streaming’ on the event and select ‘End Broadcast’. Once you have stopped a stream, there is no way to restart it. It takes around 1 minute to end the broadcast, please wait for the ‘stream deleted’ message to appear.

Ending your stream

Streaming Specifications

Streaming Protocol



We support resolutions up to 1080p 16:9. We suggest streaming at one of these standard resolutions:


Frame Rate

We support input frame rates up to 60fps.

Video Bitrate

For most HD quality streams we suggest between 3 and 6 Mbps for the video Bitrate. Here is some more detail:

ResolutionLow frame rate (24-30 fps)High frame rate (48-60 fps)1920×10804.5 Mbps6 Mbps1280×7203 Mbps4.5 Mbps960×5402 Mbps3 Mbps640×3601 Mbps2 Mbps

Bitrate Control

CBR (Constant bitrate)


We suggest using the main or high profile based on your output resolution and frame rate:

ResolutionLow frame rate (24-30 fps)High frame rate (48-60 fps)1920×1080HighHigh1280×720MainHigh960×540MainMain640×360MainMain

Audio Bitrate

128 kbps

Audio Channels


Scan Type

We only support progressive scans on streams. You can stream using an interlaced feed but we are unable to deinterlace a stream input, so artefacting will appear.

Stream Length Limit

You can stream for up to 6 hours continuously. If you need to stream for a longer duration, please contact and we can discuss your requirements.